Is Mediation For Me?


We invite you to take the following questionnaire to assess for yourself whether your situation is ready for mediation.


1. How long has this conflict been going on? Less than 6 months? More than 6 months? More than a year? More than 2 years?

If the conflict has been going on for longer than a year or two years, your approach to resolving this dispute does not appear to be working effectively. Mediation could be your answer.

2. Is the relationship of the parties adversely affected by the conflict? Are there others who are affected (another generation of family members?)

If you answered yes, you may want to consider mediation. The longer the situation goes on and relationships deteriorate, the less likely it will be that you will be able to resolve this conflict on your own.

3. Is there someone who may be adversely affected because of the inability of those involved to make a decision or reach resolution?

If you answered yes, the parties may find that mediation will assist them to get out of the gridlock that is preventing the person’s life from moving forward, or issues regarding them to be resolved.

4. Are the parties involved able to discuss the matter without shouting or abusive language?

If you are no longer able to both listen and discuss the issues without the conversation deteriorating into a confrontation, you may benefit from having a neutral mediator facilitate the conversation so that you will be able to listen, speak civilly, see each other’s perspectives, and guide you to address each of the identified concerns.

5. Do all the parties understand the other’s positions and interests?

If you answered no, you may need mediation to understand why you are each stuck in place. Without that understanding, you, and/or the other parties, may remain immovable.

6. Has there been any movement in your conversation to resolve the dispute?

If your answer is no, and it has been going on for a while, then you may want to try something different with the assistance of trained mediators. Mediation is that other option.

7. Have any of the parties sought, or thinking of seeking, legal assistance?

If you answered yes, you may benefit from mediation. This is a chance to resolve the dispute without the cost and investment of time that comes from litigation. This is your chance to reach a resolution of your making, instead of having one dictated by a judge or arbitrator, and it may be your last chance to preserve whatever relationship you have with the other parties. You may still choose to resort to litigation, but at least you will have exhausted all other possibilities first.