We Provide Elder and Family Mediation in the New York Tristate Area.
We Help Families to Resolve Problems, and Preserve Their Relationships.

Wondering if Elder and Family Mediation in New York is right for you?

Talking Alternatives is a professional mediation firm providing elder and family mediation in the New York Tristate area. We help people resolve their conflicts through facilitated conversation.

We offer alternatives to miscommunication, lack of communication, poor communication and the inability of family members to communicate effectively and responsively.

We work with people like you to resolve contentious issues.

We act as a non-judgmental, non-directive, neutral third party guiding the discussion, enabling all voices to be heard, and empowering you to find solutions and reach mutually agreeable decisions.

About Mediation

Mediation lets you make the decision rather than having another person decide the outcome. If it is a potential court matter, it allows the parties to reach an agreement rather than having a judge dictate the decision. Going before a judge means that one party will win and one will lose, and there is no guarantee that the case will be decided in your favor. In mediation, both parties have the opportunity to resolve the conflict, allowing for both of their interests. In family disputes, it enables factions or disagreeing family members to work together towards a solution rather than having one member assume all responsibility for decision making, possibly creating further conflict. Mediation can level the playing field if one party chooses to obtain counsel while the other party is not able to. In mediation, both parties can come to the table on equal terms and work through their conflict themselves.


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